Book, Music and Lyrics by Peter Mills
Adapted from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night
by Peter Mills and Cara Reichel

presented by Prospect Theater Company
at the Hudson Guild Theater, New York City.
April 12-28, 2002.

Ames Adamson, Rich Affannato, Matthew Boaten, Kate Bradner, Sarah Corey, Leon Land Gersing, Arik Luck, Kate MacKenzie, Jason Mills, Courter Simmons

Directed by Cara Reichel
Music Directed by Daniel Feyer
Choreography by Christina Gelsone
Set Design by Scott Aronow
Lighting Design by Adam Gabel
Costume Design by David Kaley

Rich Affannato as Orsino

Peter Mills and Cara Reichel, who adapted the show, have managed to do the near impossible.  They have taken Shakespeare's comic masterpiece, kept its Elizabethan spirit, voice and wit, yet created a new, accessible work that brashly and, at times, poignantly speaks to contemporary musical theater.

The New York Times

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